negrito josh♕
ask me
Anonymous: 15, 67, 95,

made a new friend this year: yeah

which is better, lips or eyes: both 👅

did you sing today: i sing every day lol 

howtobeterrell: Top or bttm?

retrobwoy: 5, 8, 48, 51, 68, 70 & 98-100 I know I'm odee'ing lol

last time i cried: thursday 

kissed someone and regretted it: somewhere in december 

what do you like about your self: probably the way my mind works lol 

righty or lefty: righty 

hugs or kisses: both actually from the right person, i love hugs odee tho 😊

older or younger: interms of dating…i prefer my age or older 

what do i wish for: for my future to be what i want it to be and plan out how i image it 

afraid of falling in love: yes/no - cause what if things don’t go as planned and then you are stuck and your mind is all fucked up but then again its life, you live & you learn. 

do you like the way you look: yeah cause everyone should be cofindent in their own mothafucking skin ye dig? cause who else gonna give you the confidence you need, no one but your dam self.

If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre.

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I look so good naked

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i am kim
my baby #3
this makes me want some
Pay attention to the signs
Stay and listen, you will find
Everything ain’t rocket science
Every gem is not a diamond
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💕💕💕 my baby 💕💕💕