Q: One bad experience with a non out guy shouldn't make you write off every non out guy that might approach you, there are some really good guys who aren't out

A guy that isn’t out, is a guy that isn’t secure about himself. No one should have to date someone who doesn’t even know what they want yet, or they do know what they want but they are just to “scared” to come out. Its not about a bad experience, its deeper than that. Know your worth and date someone that shows you off like their trophy. This goes out to straights, gays, trans or whatever the fuck you are, it doesn’t matter.

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Q: You couldn't wait for someone to get comfortable enough to come out? Sometimes people need love to be that extra push

Yes but you never know the exact outcome because of the fact that this man isn’t out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a lot of gay people know the difficulty-ness of coming out, if you went through it. But when I was still finding myself and wasn’t out, I was not going around creating relationships that I know very well I had no care for. For what? Thats completely fucked up. You are totality right, maybe some love can be that extra push, but if a guy is willing to come out then he should just do it. Sometimes you do give someone love to be that extra push because you see the potential but they just abuse it. Lesson learned.

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